What determines whether or not your e-commerce website succeeds is the ease with which potential customers can find the products or services that you are selling online. In order to grow your business, you not only need to retain your existing customers, but also attract new ones using non-branded searches. Green Light SEO is a company that provides e-commerce SEO services to online businesses of all sizes and industries, and can help you to get more traffic and better conversion rates thereby improving your brand visibility on the internet. We work with clients to integrate all marketing techniques including PPC, email newsletters, advertisements and promotions into their e-commerce SEO campaign.

1. On-Page Search Engine Optimization
On-page SEO is generally anything that can be done to any page on a website to boost its search rankings. The textual content on a web page is the most important thing when it comes to effective on-page SEO. The best way to get high search engine rankings is to publish original content on your web pages.

2. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization
Off-page SEO is a technique used to improve search engine rankings of web pages without changing anything on a website. One of the most effective off-page SEO strategy is getting other sites to link back to your website. It is important to note that all links are not the same. Google, and other major search engines normally consider the following factors when ranking pages based on their links;
-The number of links linking back to the site.
-The quality of sites that link to your site.
-The subject of the content on pages that link to your site.

3. SEO Copywriting
Sites that have content containing phrases and words that relate to the search term are normally  ranked highly.

4. Global Search Engine Optimization
A site might rank very well in a given country but poorly in other countries around the world. However, this may not be true for sites that have general content that are considered global. But try to search for keywords or phrases that relate to shopping on google.com.au and then on google.co.uk, and take a look at the differences in results.

5. Link Building
In the 1990s, any old spammy backlink would help you rank better, but we are now far from that. Today, major search algorithms have become more intelligent. They can distinguish between organic links from reputable sites and spammy profile links. In order to run an effective link building campaign, you need to create content that other people would like to be associated with.

6. Internal Search
Many people do not even know that the internal search engine on their e-commerce websites can be used in SEO. The truth is that they are very important in ecommerce SEO. This is because most ecommerce websites have hundreds of thousands or even millions of products, and it is always important to make it easy for potential buyers to find what they are looking for.

7. SEO Keyword
It is common knowledge that people search for information, products or services using keywords. Therefore, the basic building blocks of all search engine optimization efforts are keywords. If you want to get the best results with SEO, you need to optimize your site for keywords that are commonly used by your target customers. It is also important that you stay away from outdated search engine optimization techniques that involve keyword density.

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